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Creature Get R.I.PPING

I don’t even know how to begin introducing this item.

Straight up, just look at this thing – is it not the baddest and raddest thing you have ever seen? In amongst the b/s smithers, self-indulgent mega rampers and woop-de-woo bankle wankers, the contemporary skateboarding world was desperate for a banana board comeback to even up the scales.

And not only is this new offering from Creature – in all its trademark green flavoured glory – perfect for cruising through crowded streets, bombing hills and throwing in a frontside grind whenever and wherever you possible can, but this shit is shaped like a shitting COFFIN.

Do you know what this means? Coffin rolls/grinds/whatever will finally be appropriate, all day, everyday! Coming with its own deadly home, this monster is shipping out on July 15th. Best get those wills written by then.