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Rune rules at Bondi

Danishman Rune Glifberg won $3,000 at the Bowl-A-Rama World Cup Skate comp at Bondi Beach this weekend.

Crossfire spies down under mention that Rune’s head high Mctwist in 25 wall runs pretty much summed him up as the winner! He also smashed back smiths through a tight square corner and outshone pretty much everyone but Benji.

Bowl thrasher Omar Hassan came in second with Crossfire Clothing fiend Benji Galloway in at 3rd, both with impressive assaults.

Nav also went on to say that ‘Daniel Cardone is fucking mad’, managing to bend time and space winning Best Trick with a gnarly frontside flip through the corner, no grab and chest high! Another other Flip rider Lance Mountain grabbed $700 at the masters final, beating Lester Kasai and Pat Ngoho, it looks like Flip really have their team rocking right now.

Look out for a photo feature coming here soon from Nav – the boy wonder, down under.