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Flip Damnation Jacket

This Flip Damnation jacket was sent to us before Xmas as a winter jacket but it did not seem thick and warm enough to be included. But as the rains come and the freezing ice pisses off, it’s time to buy one of these babies as it’s all you need to get you through if you are looking for a new jacket to shred in.

This military designed jacket made from cotton in a simple black colour is a Geoff Rowley signature design and fit. You can whip the hood off if it gets on your tits and it also boasts many pockets so you can lose all of your possesions in them until the next time you wear it! Seriously, i love having pockets but i lose everything in them every week!

This slim beauty has an i-pod pocket with a zip for your Motorhead soundtrack and you will be pleased to know that the jacket also has a waterproof coating but i personally would not try and swim in it, unless of course you are being chased by a bear.

Overall, this is perfect for skating in, lightweight, simple, with all the pockets and pull straps you need without looking like a totally dill in.

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