Pontus Alv leaves Emerica shoes with video blog

pontus_alvGood Bye Emerica.

“Last week I quitted Emerica after a 10 year long relationship. Like any relationship there has been some great times and memories vice versa. The last years the connection and feeling has not really been there, I been over it for quite some time and I like i once said – When life is on repeat it is time to move on… So I did. I have a new shoe sponsor already and the future is looking amazing. A new chapter is about to start and I feel really stoked and good about it.

Well here is a clip that never made it out there. It was suppose to be two parts and so on. This is the rough version of the first part….

Of course I personally wanna thank Emerica for the good times we did had over the years and for their support from time to time.

Keep the stoke burning.”