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Playing Fields Supersonic 2013 Trailer

playing_fields-skate_dvdThose who grew up skating in the mid 90’s are about to witness a Christmas present of the highest order as the Playing Fields skate flick has been taken from the archives and stitched back together for a DVD release. With the likes of Alex Moul, Danny Wainwright, Frank Stephens, Ben Rodriguez, Mark Channer, Colin Kennedy, Mat Fowler and so many more in the mix, this little gem was the catalyst for pushing everything to the next level. It’s fantastic to see that there are people out there putting time and effort in to bring it back.

Whether you witnessed it first hand back in the day or if you are viewing this learning about UK skateboarding history right now, get this in your sights and await a much anticipated December release remastered by Lewis Ross and Frank Stephens.