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‘Tough Luck’

Get ready for the latest and greatest from Leeds post-punks, Eagulls. Announced this week, their self-titled debut is due March 4th 2014 on Partisan Records.

The thunderous sounds Eagulls have crafted here hold such a dark, brooding appeal. The sincere howl of frontman George Mitchell takes hold and shakes you, but at the same time ‘Tough Luck’ is completely uplifting and anthemic. The guitars are utterly momentous and driving without being ridiculously heavy and overdriven. They’re dipped in an 80’s post-punk pool of effects, left shimmering with gritty retain. All this paired with some heavy, mechanical bass work, and tight rhythms blasting from the kit confirms ‘Tough Luck’ as an absolute belter. Press play and turn this up.

Dave Palmer