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Photos of Jay Adams surfing in Mexico, RIP

August 18th, 2014 by Zac

Photos: Nicholas Mohnacky


The tragic news of Jay Adams‘ heart attack last week has left the skateboard and surf community mourning a legend worldwide. You can read our tribute to the great man here but these images and video are some of the last recorded of Adams enjoying beach life down in Puerto Escondido, Mexico last week. They were shot by fellow surfer Nicholas Mohnacky of SurfrApp who blogged them on hearing the sad news:

“Jay ran up to me earlier that morning with a huge smile because he saw me taking photos of the boys surfing at Zicatela. I was mostly shooting Coco Nogales, not wanting to miss a shot but I fired off one of Jay as he was coming towards me deep in the barrel. You can barely see him but it was my last photo of him before he passed away so I want to share it with you.”

More photos from Jay’s family are still being uploaded to his instagram account as we type this.

Our thoughts are with family and friends.

Jay Adams RIP



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