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Jani and Jake release Blind pro models

Finnish rider Jani Laitiala and Australian Jake Duncombe both have pro models on Blind Skateboards out this month.

Jani just had a great secion in Digital’s Get Tricks or Die Tryin and Duncombe who just turned 18 is constantly on the road and sports arguably the best mullet in the history of skating!

In other Blind news, the team that consists of the above, Corey Sheppard, James Craig, Jake Brown (who just got a medal in the X-Games) and Ronnie Creager are all filming for the new Blind video.

Look out for an exclusive interview with Creager on this site on the next week or so and click here to watch some footage of their new pro riders.

You can win signed boards by these 2 in the competitions page this month.