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Cliché exclusive

Now that the Euro-super team has been crowned Transworld’s Best team for 2006, the Cliché boys ( are only aiming higher with more top quality skating on tap.

Eye witnesses report JB Gillet busting out buttery smooth mid ledge front side blunt slides to fakie front side shove-it pop outs in lines, the latest 411VM includes the recent Sicily tour, interviews are a plenty with Joey Brezinski two wheeling his into the new Slap, environmentally aware Javier Mendzibal has got a great interview in the new Transworld whilst hair farmer Ricardo Fonseca took care of business for his in Kingpin.

Finally, and most importantly, Cliché have a sweet 20 minute video is sick footage from their recent US travels to Los Angeles and New York ready for download on their site.

Say whoa!