Skateboarding News

Hesh Vs Fresh!

Alright, get your fingers at the ready because two new websites have just popped up and they are shit hot. First of all we have the wreckless and inspiring . This website is chock full of stories and teasers that are appetizers for a full length movie about Brewce Martin’s Skatopia compound in Ohio.

Step up or get out is pretty much the motto for these bowl thrashing libertines as they grind the pool coping to the punk rock riffs of Duane Peters and the Hunns, or take a hazardous ride atop a racing car on a path to destruction!

Elsewhere on the web you can now find a home for Rob Selley’s brainchild: . Rob has gathered a sick team of stylers to push the boundries of street skating into the future. With notables like Jody Smith and Layth Sami rolling through, you know a video project is going to be amazing.