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Super Champion Funzone – 4 Star

4 Star Clothing in Japan

I admit that I initially thought Super Champion Funzone was a promo video that wouldn’t cost more than a fiver and probably come free with magazines next month. I was wrong.

4 Star Clothing sew the threads that dress some of the finest skaters out there. SCF takes us on a journey with Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Eric Koston, Mark Gonzales, Brian Anderson, Max Schaaf, PJ Ladd, and even Guy Mariano (even though he just chills in a flat cap- expect his footage elsewhere…) as they tour Japan to promote their high quality goods.

Obviously, presented like that, the idea of sitting through another Ty Evans bro-down private joke documentary is less than appealing, but I think you fail to realise just who you’re about to watch!

I won’t go into too much detail over the proceedings of demos, autograph signing, waiting and general tour madness that occurs throughout, but here are a few things you should know: PJ can talk, Koston can skate everything, the Gonz is a certified lunatic, Mike Carroll is actually friendly despite the gruff appearance, Max Schaaf is the ‘mood maker‘, Brian Anderson can perform one man demos and Rick Howard is probably one of the best bosses to have.

I watched this alone, and again with my girlfriend. She didn’t complain which obviously means there is more to SCF than just plain skating. With the fly on the wall style, you find yourself giggling at the 4 Star team’s predicaments abroad, even if Mark Gonzales does look like he’s over doing it at times. You also realise just what it must be like to be a skater at the top of your game and that entails and demands of you. Eric and the boys take everything in their stride even if you know they wish they were elsewhere at times. My girlfriend kept asking me if any of them were married or had girlfriends? I have no idea, but I can only imagine they must be patient.

So, SCF is a success in its graphic portrayal of tour life and gives you that urge to hit the road with your pals and skate the unknown. I might also add the bonus sections which include a bizarre weekend with the artist formerly known as the Gonz, and a sick skate part from big man Brian Anderson, go get it!

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Ralph Lloyd-Davis