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Girlie goings on

We’ll start off with the bad news:

It’s official – Chocolate has lost two of it’s riders. Mike York left and Gino Ianucci retired from the professional ranks. Gutted.

Jereme Rogers and Jerry Hsu are getting pro trucks on Royal trucks…

Wait! That’s not bad news, that’s good news!

So, yeah… Jereme and Jerry will be hand-painting each truck individually, because if they don’t do something special, then what makes the difference between their personal colourways and the 6 or 7 new models Royal are about to drop..?

Sticking with the good news and new product, Chocolate have got a new Gun series out – but that might be a bit touchy considering the school shootings America’s suffering at the moment. Add to your shopping list a whole warm bunch of 4-Star goodies that include scarves, woolly hats, mittens and other festive outdoor apparel.

Did we mention 4-Star’s 10 year anniversary party? It went down a storm. So much so, that a London version is currently getting looked into with great interest. That is, when the Girl staff aren’t boggling at Brophy‘s incredible pop. He’s currently stateside leaping over Daniel Castillo! Boom!

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