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Etnies 20 yr party gets shut down!

20 successful years of Etnies Shoes was celebrated in New York City this week and promptly shut down due to noise pollution and party mayhem.

The Malarkey was held at the new Etnies store at 29 Greene St in New Yorks Soho area, with pro team signings from Ryan Sheckler, Aarto Saari, Ronnie Creager and Kyle Leeper, Elissa Steamer, Lauren Perkins and Element’s female ripper Evelin Bouilliart who is next up for words on this very site.

The party got out of hand, so says a their new posh neighbours due to street fighting, drug and alcohol abuse and “dumbasses” urinating all over the street. Apparently, the fuzz were called and the party was broken up by a dozen donut munchers. Oh well, sounds like a standard British video premiere get together to me!

The next leg of this Etnies 20 year party shnizzle will be landing in Paris, more about that when we get an invite.