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Etnies – Ryan Sheckler review

OK, OK, we all know that Ryan Sheckler is tiny, minute even, and of course the envy of every kid across the globe for skating flawless at such a young age, but at some point, he had to go pro for Etnies.

After 20 years in the game, the Worlds most uniquely driven shoe company have decided that youth is proof and have handed the keys over to this little talented bugger and you know what? Yep, they have come up with the most comfortable shoe i have ever put on my feet!

It must be caused by all those crazy testing laborotaries that Etnies have hidden next door to the place where they keep those aliens that landed in the 70’s, but shit you not, these shoes wanna skate as soon as they go on your feet!

Here’s the spiel: Sheckler designed them and tested them, they are a combination of rubber and suede, the tongue is the most comfortable you will get in a shoe, the inner cushioning is like a foot party, and then you have the combined added bonuses of the System G2 heel slaying support and the STI foam, whatever that is, but i know it’s darn good.

So, these are winners…they look cool, they feel great on, they have a fantastic sole to merge with your griptape and are seriously comfortable. Don’t you just wanna throw a small poo at Sheckler even more now! Damn!

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Chuck Bangers