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eS Game of Skate Finals

The eS Game of Skate Finals went down over the weekend, with a mental display of what can be done on a board these days.

Alex Mizurov continued his unending run of being really fucking good and not bailing ever to win the Am contest, bagging himself a year’s free mobile phone contract, year’s supply of bearings, and Transworld subscription.

However, the bigger boys in the Pro contest weren’t actually that big, and possibly not even pro. Chris Cole snapped the 1st place spot with a backside 360 kickflip leaving little Nyjah Houston and Mike Mo behind. Chris took home a tasty $10,000 for his troubles, see the full results below.

1. Alex Mizurov
2. Andrew Smith
3. Carlos Lastra
4. Matt Lemond

1. Chris Cole $10,000
2. Nyjah Huston $5,000
3. Mike Mo Capaldi $3,000
4. Javier Sarmiento $2,000