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Vans – 50:50 Collaboration Half Cab

Vans – 50:50 Collaboration Half Cab

The relationship between Vans Shoes and Danny Wainwright has blossomed over the years so it was not a surprise to see a special limited edition collaboration between the shoe brand and Bristol’s most efficient skater owned shop hit the shelves this month.

Ten years have passed since the 50:50 Store took it’s place in skateboardings underground elite and to this day Danny and Syd are still there defying the odds of running a credible store for skateboarders, attending and supporting underground events and seeing off the chain stores that have sucked the UK scene dry when the financial rewards and timing suited them.

Wainwright himself is currently and always will be one of the ambassadors of our countries skateboard heritage, after all, Danny was the first UK pro to have a Vans signature shoe out back in the 90’s as well as holding the worlds highest ollie record to this very day.

The release of this half cab defines Vans’ support to their biggest UK pro rider and celebrates such a wonderful relationship between the rider and the shop that has paved the precedent for future Skater Owned Shops to deliver goods to our local community in the shop and online.

The shoe itself sees Wainwright and Co deliver a colourway never seen before on Steve Caballero’s legendary signature model. The electric blue, black and grey appearance will not only be appreciated by the skateboard community but also the sneakerfreaks out there who collect the rarest footwear, as this limited edition pair of historic shoes will be sought after across the globe.

Get them now before they to take their place in UK skateboard history and be proudly part of it yourself. Visit for the full flavour and pick them up from online.