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Emerica – Leo Romero 2

Emerica has never failed to impress me in the past; I have always supported their movement and even though I probably will do for years to come, my honest opinion on these shoes are that they lack the ‘Stay Gold’ touch.

On paper they def look the part, but when I first laced them up, I was a bit skeptical and soon found myself wishing Emerica had sent me a pair of Leo’ 1’s instead. I have to admit, I was a big fan of the predecessor model, it had all the characteristics I normally look for in a shoe, thin suede, good construction, stylish and not too stiff. Leo’s 2nd model is almost the complete opposite to this, the shoe fits like boxes on your feet, has a dull shape and is very stiff. I did manage to skate them for a good few weeks and even though they come with all the standard trimmings you’d expect from Emerica (usual cupsole with STI Foam footbed, System G2 heel cushioning and overall thin construction for board feel), the shoe itself just never really got me excited.

I am quite particular about my skate shoes, maybe it’s just me, but I personally won’t get these again. I’m sure they will appeal to so many other skateboarders though, some will probably say they are the best shoes they’ve ever owned, however, I’d much rather roll with Leo’s previous model, a much better shoe in my books.

Shoot em up with ‘A Day in the Life’ of Leo below, fun times…