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Crossfire 6th Birthday Southbank Jam goes off!

Well the dust has settled on what was another legendary and messy Crossfire Southbank Jam. Sore heads all round from the Koko after party, and some fucking ridiculous tricks thrown down the old concrete next to the Thames.

If you weren’t there, you’re gay, and if you were there then you probably got called gay by some pisshead with a loudspeaker. There was skateboarding like you’ve never seen, booze, milfs, Czech schoolgirl sluts, naked men ollieing stairs, piranha kids fighting for clothes, and loads more.

The Darkstar team came and won themselves a lot of money by landing trick after trick- Adam Dyet seemed like he was skating as though it was his job or something because he pocketed over £200, not bad for a days work. But Blind’s Kris Vile was man of the day by completely shutting down the place in minutes with a backside 360 kickflip down the 7, then cracking out a kickflip frontside blunt 180 on the cheeseblock to earn himself a whopping £250!

Big thanks to Globe Shoes, Darkstar Skateboards, The Harmony, Heroin, Blueprint, Death, Independent, Creature, Karma, Creme, 50-50, Plan B, Landscape, Heathen, Casual, Document Skateboard Magazine and Sidewalk Skateboard Magazine and Kevin Parrott from the UKSA.

Get ready for a full feature coming very soon but in the meantime, the almost forgotten results of the Jam were:

1st Kris Vile – bs 360 kickflip – £200
2nd Adam Dyet – nollie cab heelflip – £100
3rd Marley – 360 flip – £50

1st Adam Dyet – kickflip frontside noseslide – £100

1st Kris Vile – kickflip frontside blunt 180 – £50

Photo: Ben Norton