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Consolidated Still Won’t Do It

Not long ago, a scandal broke out in the industry pitching two sworn enemies head to head: Consolidated Skateboards Vs. Nike Footwear.

Basically, Consolidated have preached ‘Don’t do it!’ in regards corporate involvement in skateboarding and the general raping of our culture by arrogant multinationals. Nike have tried numerous times to infiltrate the much sought after core skate market, and this time around they seem to have succeeded. BUT when the in house graphic designer for Conso was approached to design an insole for Nike SB model and agreed, and with that Nike thought they could market the new model as the Consolidated shoe???

Despite the recognizable blue, black and white colourway that is affiliated to Conso, the shoe is in no way endorsed by Consolidated or carries any of the skate company’s logos.

Naturally Consolidated hit the roof and is currently filing a lawsuit against the greedy multinational. They also booted amateur Seth McCallum by principle because he was getting flow from the enemy.

Damn… This reads like a good soap opera! In any case the jury are still out on the verdict, but keep posted to Crossfire as we are following the case every step of the way.

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