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Consolidated In Death

Consolidated news in – this time in regards new riders and collaborations with the UK’s favourite dysfunctional family, Death Skateboards.

Nic Zorlac and Co. were out in the States to premiere Escape From Boredom with the help of Consolidated because Conso distribute Death goods (Smart Monkey Dist.) and like that the operation goes worldwide! Expect a feature soon on the various shenanigans and skate madness that went down during their stay.

Death riders have also been busy with Richie Jackson’s pro model being released in the UK and hooking up with Vox shoes and Rob Smith getting sponsored by Independent trucks. But, the main news is that Ben Raemers, the Irish Cardiel, has been hooked up with Consolidated direct! We’ve woarned you about Ben’s talent, there shall be no more- just casualties…