Skateboarding Product Reviews

Stereo – Olly Todd 7.8

This board is a 7.8 width with quite a mellow concave which for me is about right making it a comfortable skate right from the start making it perfect for both street and transitions.

The shape is sublime with the tail being slightly narrower than the nose but not tapering off so it’s all pointy and horrible. The wood on this board feels great. It’s got some fantastic pop that seems to have lasted more than most boards I have ridden this year and i go through one a month at least. The graphic is simple, but no one buys them for graphics anyway and usually Stereo graphics are pretty cool all round, you just have to see their art direction from their webiste to know they are still messing when it comes to their art, it’s all been top quality from day one .

All in all this has been a good board for me. It’s the third Stereo board I’ve had and they have all been there for me weekly with really good shapes and good quality overall. Grab this board today and don’t forget that you will be helping Olly Todd to get get the beers in!

Get one.

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