Skateboarding Product Reviews

Independent Trucks – Reynolds 129 Hi

When I first set eyes on these golden ivory beauties, and was simultaneously informed that they were mine free of charge, and that all I had to do was skate and then write this nonsensical piece of garbage about them, you can probably imagine that my tongue suddenly become engorged and dropped to the floor just like those worryingly carthatic American cartoons.

All I wanted to do was get them on my deck, which was now quivering with excitement at the mere thought of grinding edges like ice again. Except, it was fucking raining. Twenty four cunting seven. I’d walk outside, hoping that I can give these a go, but instead I’m on the recieving end of a barrage of water droplets falling onto my skin, and then massaging themselves in, just to rub it in even more.

As I was currently in a new city, I had no fucking idea where any sheltered ledge spots were hiding. So instead, I was in a constant state of torture, being glared at my poor neglected trucks. But the wait, was more than worth it, I can tell you that. Not only do these trucks look like a devilish minx on your skateboard, but they skate beautifully. Get a nice ledge and session to your hearts content, these fellers are light, white, and slippery as vanilla ice. They’ve even got the bling bling gold attachment, so you can feel as pimped out as the Boss himself when doing frontside slashes. You may not be frontside flipping over any obstacle in sight just yet, but get your slash on with these, and you’ll be feeling more radical than any frontrocking gully bad man.

Accompanied with the two pro models, Koston and Reynolds respectively, are a couple of simple, lovely looking tees. What more can you ask for?

Joe Moynihan