Skateboarding Product Reviews

Ricta Arto Saari 52mm Wheels

If my memory serves me well, Ricta was one of the first skate wheel companies to pioneer the ‘hard’ core element into the urethane world. Since then, it has become standard procedure. ‘Nuff said.

Ricta also boast a team of riders that many a team manager would sell their soul to work with. With professional backing like that, you know the goods have got to be good. ‘Nuff said two.

I got my Arto Saari 52mm wheels and loved the crisp white colour they have. In fact, these wheels are still white after a good roll around, so that obviously proves the urethane is high quality.

Now, with wheels it’s either hard or soft set ups depending on what you ride and how. Ricta are hard- very hard. This can become a hindrance on slippery surfaces, but I have yet to feel the wrath of a flatspot on my ride.

If you like it hard and white, get Ricta.


Ralph Lloyd-Davis