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Epitaph Release New Compilation

Those guys at Epitaph, famed for their Punk-O-Rama compilations, have said that P-O-R is no more, and are retiring it. However, they are replacing the famous compilation with the new breed – Unsound. They claim on the website that:

“UNSOUND plays like a favorite mixtape with a great variety of the kind of music you love from emo, hardcore and punk, to indie and underground hip-hop, with each song flowing seamlessly from one mood to the next, it’s the perfect soundtrack for the summer of 2006.”

And with the likes of Dangerdoom, Re-Animator, Converge, Bad Religion, Some Girls, Pennywise and Bouncing Souls on there, the entire Crossfire team is happy with the line up. The full tracklist is:

01. The Latest Plague – From First To Last
02. Situations – Escape The Fate
03. Little Maggots – The Matches
04. Forever Young – Youth Group
05. Attractive Today – Motion City Soundtrack
06. Surrender – Matchbook Romance
07. I Am The Wind, You Are The Feather – Vanna
08. Last Light – Converge
09. Hot Piss – Some Girls
10. Pretty People Never Lie, Vampires… – I Am Ghost
11. Benzi Box (feat. Cee-Lo) – DANGERDOOM
12. Los Angeles Is Burning – Bad Religion
13. The Gold Song – Bouncing Souls
14. Knocked Down – Pennywise
15. New Eyes Open – The Draft
16. The Buzz Kill (Reanimator Remix) – Sage Francis
17. The Latest Plague (Atticus Remix) – From First To Last