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Review: Mrs Wilberforce ‘Tee Number Two’

We’re big fans of limited tees here at Crossfire so imagine our delight and surprise when we were given two super limited t-shirts to wear and review from the creative mind behind Mrs Wilberforce. Hand printed in East London by none other than the lovely Stu at Lovenskate, the aptly titled ‘Tee Number Two‘ (it’s their second t-shirt design) that I’m currently wearing is just one of ten available in white. The tee you see on the right is one of ten available in black. This simple, homemade and ‘keeping it local’ ethic is evident in all things Wilberforce: keeping things super limited, using high quality material (standard American Apparel crew neck) with unique (and rad) designs while ensuring that they’re affordable to all those on a shoestring belt-wearing budget… so you know, everyone in East London. That includes me.

His attention to detail in the shirt design is sublime. Not dissimilar from the dystopian symbols of early Palace artwork, the tee utilises a photo of industrial smog perfectly positioned within a sharp, off-kilter square frame that makes great use of inverted colours… a long way away from the squashed penny drawings of Tee Number One (featuring the Mrs Wilberforce Logo) but it is still something very much in continuation with the Mrs Wilberforce brand, even in the early stages. I love it.

Mrs Wilberforce have also put their talents to designing skateboard decks (check the awesome cruiser here) and collaborations with bands and filmmakers. As we enter 2011, Mrs Wilberforce is just six months old but on the basis of what we’ve seen so far, we’re absolutely starving for more.

Joe Moynihan

You can buy the new tee at the Pioneer New Year Jam this weekend! Go and pick one up before they’re all gone.