Skateboarding Product Reviews

Plan B PJ Ladd Limited Edition Live after death 7.5 x 31.5

So Plan B is back in full effect and everyone is shook- especially the cyberspace haters. Just to run through a check list of what constitutes a bad ass team shifting units:

1) Innovative and extra-ordinary skaters- Check!
2) History and good track record- Check!
3) Haters despite everyone riding your goods- Check!

So, there you have it- Plan B is the shit. But, as you should all know by now, Crossfire scratched beneath the surface and tests the goods so as not to see the paying customer taken for a mug. Would Plan B and their elusive prodigy, PJ Ladd get a good score..?

The first thing to hit me with this board was its shape. According to the little guarantee slip, this Limited Edition Life after death deck came with a “Guaranteed Plan B concave“. Alright, well I’d definitely think twice if I bought a Plan B board that boasted anything otherwise! Strange claim… Anyway, the shape in itself is about as good as it comes for any street technician out there. The rails, the dips and the contour of each extremity scream the words, “Scoop, flip and catch!” Needless to say, this board is a pleasure to ride from the get-go. No awkward foot in bowl concave situations, or retarded pop from obtuse angles on this deck.

The next thing I noticed with this board was the measurements: 7.5 x 31.5 that makes for a pretty small board for anyone peaking above 5ft11. My previous board had a large wheelbase (space between the trucks), so stepping onto the PJ Ladd had me double crossing myself as to whether this wasn’t a mini. It isn’t. Then there’s the width; 7.5 but riding like a comfortable 7.6. It’s only a fraction of a difference, but it means a lot when you’re trying to get your position and balance right.

Finally, the finish of this Plan B board is clean as a whistle. Smooth carpentry on the rails, and a jazzy twist on the old skull and crossbones graphic. I had to take a picture of it because the top surface of this deck is printed from top to bottom with each rider’s skull and banner. So, like I said, the finish on this deck is clean. Hell, the varnish even slides without sticking or flaking off.

Haters can keep hating because with product like this Plan B is laughing. I can’t wait for Unquestionable to drop…


Ralph L-D