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Element Winter Apparel

Element recently announced the release of their winter collection. The collection was inspired by their newest pro, Michael Mackrodt : a stylish german fella with some serious pop in his hop. The collection includes the Kensington Jacket, Rocker jeans and Cajon gift set.

Clothing isn’t something you can test like a deck or pair of trucks, so I’d like to set the record to the following criteria: Quality, Competence and Cool.

Starting with the Kensington jacket , the quality is top-knotch. The jacket is made of very soft cord material with a padded lining. The colour might resemble that of your late great grandpa’s easy chair, but the finish is actually quite refined with little details like the buttons on the right shoulder. Competence-wise, the Kensington boasts 5 pockets – 1 inside, 4 outside- and an interesting button-up pattern overlapping the zip- 2 at the top and one at the very bottom. However, the material is not waterproof at all so anything heavier than a fine mist will probably leave you in desperate need of an umbrella or contemplating the warmth of a wet sponge. Finally the Cool factor results in a good score for the Kensington. I was complimented on my new jacket by several friends and social circles.

Next for review: The Rocker jeans . Despite the name, these jeans are a slim cut, but not ridiculously tight. The jean material is slightly stretchy and soft, which makes movement a flex no problem. However, the way the material moulds it self a little tighter in the upper half might have those of us who prefer a low crotch to their jeans squirming a little to begin with.

Finally, the Cajon Gift set . Presented in a pretty wooden box emblazoned with the Element logo and original grain finish, the Cajon looks good already and you haven’t even opened it. Inside is a beanie, I-pod sock and belt: Three essential accessories. The beanie is like a skull cap with a subtle design, and the belt is a one-size-fits-all slip-thru metal buckle. The quality is good and there is no margin for error. Just make sure the beanie fits!

So, Element are looking to inspire everyone this Christmas season with their new line of soft goods. My favourite has to be the jacket, but I must point out that the Cajon Gift box would be a perfect gift for friend or family member without blatantly looking like something you picked up at the SOS. Good stuff.

Ralph L-D