Skateboarding Product Reviews

Krooked Team Board

Krooked BoardThis board from Krooked is a standard team model, its about 7.75 x 31.75 inches with a medium depth concave and has all the characteristics you’d expect from a board out of Deluxe.

Deluxe wood always seems to be just right for me, a nice stiffness and pop, without overdoing it so you’re afraid of snapping the board any second.

I set this board up with some Indy 139’s, some reds and some 54mm spitfires. (You can obviously I trust Deluxe products). This setup was a nice mix for skating both street and park with the slightly longer board and wide trucks providing a smooth controlled ride comparable to a bigger 8 inch board whilst still retaining its maneuverability for flip tricks and skating street.

I have been riding this board for about 3 weeks now and its still kept its pop even after a lot of abuse. I’d highly recommend this board to anyone wanting a board for a variety of terrains. I’d happily give it 8/10.