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New Gnarls album in the works

Dangermouse has recently told the NME that there is a follow-up to the amazingly successful St Elsewhere album and that he and Cee-Lo, aka Gnarls Barkley, have already been bouncing ideas off each other for the new album.

The producer said that the first album took almost 3 years to complete and they were adamant that they wouldn’t be rushed into the next one. He said:

“We’re going to do it the same way we did before – we’re going to do it at our pace and see what happens. When we get into the groove with things, we do the songs in bunches, and so we know that all we need to do it is go back and start working. If we love what’s coming out, then we’ll do another record; if we don’t love it the way we loved this one…then we won’t do it.”