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Independent Tees @ Misc

The new Independent Clothing range is now in the shops and it boasts some killer new designs starting with these 2, the Propaganda and Demand The Best. The t-shirts’ soft-as, but the designs are hard as fuck.

Whilst we are on the subject of Indy, you must also check out these new shirts as they make you feel like you are one of the Big Lebowski.

I pulled a Milf in this Page Mill shirt last week cos of the frilly bits on the front, it was a talking point, use it. You know sometimes you can put on a crap cotton shirt and your nipples get stuck on the rough? Well it didn’t happen, my moobs are happy…and if they are, so am i.

You may as well get a new skate bag to throw these in when you next go down to your local SOS. I have been using this London Rucksack and it does everything you need. I visited that London once. I remember i was expecting to see cockney Kings and Queens, pie and mash and fat Pat from Eastenders but only managed to find tourists and no one spoke English! Oh well, at least the curried chips were £4 a pop. Southern twats have all sold out but i tell ya what, these London rucksacks have got it all.

Go get these or die not knowing life was Built to Grind.

Chuck Bangers