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Fueled by Ramen

Even if you don’t like Paramore, by now you will have read at least part of an article about them. Probably written in the past month. Probably about Hayley Williams, the band’s enigmatic (read: mouthy) frontwoman. Aged 18, she’s got fiery red hair, can sometimes play the guitar and piano and cites her favourite band as Refused.

This is Paramore’s second full-length to be released via Fueled By Ramen, ‘Misery Business’, the first single, is – as Hayley says – about making someone’s life a misery because of the jealousy she felt, and then winning the boy in the end. This album is full of teenage angst and will probably be a smash hit by the end of the year as the band are picking up fans everywhere.

‘Riot!’ is a decent record. It’s an improvement on the last, Hayley’s vocal range has expanded in a way that often makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck, and almost all the songs have a memorable hook to them. Look out for them live…