Skateboarding Product Reviews

HUF Collection

Keith Hufnagel may be famous for his organic pop but slowly and surely, his clothing and shoe brand HUF is starting to make some serious waves internationally right now, so have a butchers at a few select pieces of what’s in his latest collection.

Firstly, the HUF pro shoe comes light, stylish and ready for griptape straight out of the box made from a full grain leather upper and a cupsole lighter than air. These come in Cola, dark blue/black and camel colour ways and are comfy on the job. After last Saturday night’s fun, they also do a bloody good job on the dance floor.


If you are looking ahead to the Spring right now and already have a toasty winter jacket, HUF’s Halsted jacket will be a perfect partner for the months of March and April. Warm enough to combat the month’s ahead, this heavyweight cotton twill number comes with a full front zip, tasty inside liner art, two front pockets and a zipped pocket on the left breast to carry wallets and so on if the inside zip is taken with your phone/pod.

HUF also have a fine selection of shirts available this season. I have the Vintage Chambray on my back as I type this. 100% cotton thread, nicely shaped and super comfortable, the entire selection are made for on or off board daily wear and tear and come highly recommended. Get your eyes over to the HUF store to have a look through all of their other options right now, you will not be disappointed.