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Globe Magnums

I kinda look back a few years remember when Globe shoes first spawned upon the feet of many a skateboarder around the world. They had a wacky approach and produced some of the most technical skate shoes for the likes of one Gershon Mosely, Rodney Mullen, Chet Thomas and a few others.

In my opinion, the shoes they produced back then was suited for the flip-in-flip-out crowd and didn’t really appeal to me that much; but they started doing then that makes them elite today…They diversified their approach and picked up riders with different knacks on all kinds of terrain, thus exposing them to a wider audience and making the general skate-blic aware of their thought process! Groundwork which now makes them the elite of the clothing/footwear combination in the business!

I personally have never ridden a pair of Globes before, but spotted the Magnums and thought it’s time to make the ‘change’. When these cowboys came knocking, I was most delighted with my excellent choice in skate shoe. I knew from the start that the relationship would be a long and good one.

This particular model features a double-layered toe section with triple stitching sealing it down nice and tight. The first two lace holes comes with protection and will preserve them laces a lot longer whilst you perfect your powwow flips. The tongue is slightly padded for extra comfort, but its not to thick or heavy and suits the shoes design down to a G. I cant say I’ve ever heard of a slip resistant mesh lining, but these come with those and I can’t really say that it’s a noticeable feature, but hey, it’s a feature nonetheless and that means that they are keen at pushing the limits to produce a finer product for the consumer.

Although these shoes have a stylish design, and look really good, I think the key to its success lies beneath- the sole of the shoe!!! They have this internal footed cushioning system that is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. The sole is so flat and yet I can see Charlie America flipping a 13set with ease and not being too concerned about the old bruised heel. The outside sole is vulcanised and comes in a sticky rubber blend with a foxing band and abrasion resistant rubber, that’s a good thing I say. These tyres are rather grippy, fits like gloves on you feet and are good to go out of the box, a decent shoe at a decent asking price.

Globe is on a mission and they are belting more and more great products. They also have one of the, if not the strongest team in the world. I thought Globalized was just a cute slogan…FUCK, with bait like that, it’s hard not change your diet.

If the shoe fits…WEAR IT!!!

Find them at the Globe website.

Live FAST, Ride FAST!!!