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Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats
Birthing The Giant

Someone must be lacing the water in Toronto, Canada with extra-strong punk power powder because first Fucked Up come along and create the greatest combination of garage punk, oi!, old school hardcore and straight up rock action you’ve never heard and now along come Cancer Bats to make our ear drums rrrrrrrrrrrip!

Mixing thick slabs of dark Black Flag hardcore with the doomy sludge metal of Corrosion Of Conformity and Down, Cancer Bats debut album provides fourteen tracks of shit-kicking heavy-riffing hardcore punk mania that’s menacing enough to send fat old Santa scurrying back up the chimney this xmas.

Having just torn up the UK as support to Moneen, it’s fare to say that Cancer Bats are just as good live as they are on record. They’ll be back next year. Watch this space.

Gotta feel sorry for those bats though. The poor bastards got cancer.