Skateboarding Product Reviews

Fillmore Wheel Company – Mike Carroll 52mm

Fillmore’s Mike Carroll wheels are small at 52 mm and way narrow, totally my thing. These are ‘cores‘ and I always ride cores by choice, I’m into anything that can make a board lighter and a wheel stiffer.

These street wheels are spot on for mini ramps, I figure the smaller the wheel the more truck-to-metal you get on big 50-50’s instead of rolling along the platform on chunkier wheels, nice!. Of course new (and with new bearings), I expected these to be lightning fast and there sure were! For 52mm they’re the shit.

I’ve given them some hard slides to see what they’re really made of and they haven’t flat spotted yet but of course as with all wheels, time will tell. Definitely worth buying, see the latest Fillmore selection here.

Adie Kitachi