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More Than A Machine
(Household Name)

Amidst the over-produced dross that so often passes for punk rock these days, it’s great to discover a band (better still, a home-grown band) that reminds you just how fucking powerful and life-affirming the genre can be when it’s done properly.

Wakefield quintet Milloy are one such band, and ‘More Than A Machine‘ is their stormer of a debut album. There are no wasted words or notes on offer here; just songs like ‘Hammer & Blades‘ and ‘February‘ that rock out in the vein of Leatherface, Hot Water Music and early Snuff. If you like the sound of gruff Northern vocals, rough-edged melodies and duelling guitars, then Milloy are definitely for you.

Strictly speaking, this is a re-release, which combines the original version of ‘MTAM‘ (on Crackle Records, from 2005) with bonus tracks from the band’s split EP with Billy No Mates. But you probably hadn’t heard it first time around, and this lot deserve all the exposure they can get. Nice one, Household Name. Nice one, Milloy.

Check out ‘Blackjack’ on the link above.

Alex Gosman