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DVS Munition Eurotrash – Lucien Clarke

The European takeover on some of DVS most respected shoes has already proven to be popular amongst some of our reviewers (the Coen and Luster have been shredded already) and it was with pleasure that I recieved Lucien Clarke’s shoe to test myself. Having worn and torn a Munition CT in the past I was stoked to see Lucien deservedly get his name on some fly pieces of gorgeous maroon suede.

Now, I grew up skating London and for whatever reason would always see Lucien Clarke on my skate-travels to the extent in which it could have been labelled unintentional stalking. So it was with trepidation I entered the grey streets wearing shoes with his name on in case I get accused of accidentally going over some sort of ‘line’. Thankfully, this was a stupid thought and these shoes caused no troublesome encounters whatsoever. What they did cause, were great feelings of comfort in my feet (the low profile offers superb board feel without compromising cushioning) and lightweight joy. For a mid-top they’re not too bulky which is a major plus and they have proven to be most durable.

Another great shoe in a really, really nice colour. Go out and support Lucien Clarke, because he’s one of London’s finest. And I don’t mean that in a weird, stalker way.

Bellend Sebastian