Crep Protect

crep-protect_skateboard-shoe_sprayIf you are one of those unlucky skaters who seems to pick up damp feet whilst skating in the winter you may want to consider a can of this stuff.

Crep Protect basically repels water and other liquids from a simple spray that covers every micro fibre of your shoes. Once the liquid touches the sprayed area it simply falls off and doesn’t get inside the fibres. I remember seeing another video similar to this product recently where you needed 2 cans of this sort of stuff to seal all kinds of materials from liquids and did wonder if it would work on bearings to stop water entering a wheel. Would it affect the grip of grip tape keeping it completely dry? Who knows, but if it was available, i’m sure it would be popular here in the UK if so.

Anyway, the ‘superhydrophobic’ layer from this particular product is said to last up to about 2 weeks (dependent on useage) and a can will set you back £9.95. Black Sheep are stocking it here. Watch a video from their own tests below.