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Almost Winter Deck 7.6 x 31.3

If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day! If you give a man a fishing rod, he’ll break it up for firewood, or swap it for a fish?! I’m going nowhere with that really, but I heard it the other night and thought it was really funny.

Never have I set foot on an Almost deck, so when the opportunity revealed itself, I grabbed it with both feet and have been popping away ever since.

The ‘Winter’ deck from Almost comes in at 7.6″ and totals 31.3″ in length. This 7 ply, Resin 7 vehicle was definitely built for the technical playground, but even though I’m not highly skilled in switch crazy flips to fakie rendezvous grind, I still enjoyed burning this piece of wood on all kinds of skate-able grounds.

To the point then, this stick shows early signs of bulimia, but at 7.6″, it’s hardly a disease and would be considered a good size for all the David Beckham’s of the skateboarding world. It’s a flat ride and leaves concave to a bare minimum. It’s got a sharpish nose and tail, but looks don’t really bother me that much, it serves its purpose and does it well!

The most remarkable feature of the deck is its weight, its light and very tight, which makes for springy pop and comfortable trick management. It’s a stiff bugger and has remained strong for a good 4 weeks of bashing, not showing any signs of weakness, just the usual wear and tear and severe graphic loss.

My only disappointment with this skateboard was its magical powers! I was really hoping to find the skills I’ve been hiding for years, but I haven’t yet mastered the “Deawon” level that I strongly believe is hidden within my talents, so where drawbacks are concerned, I guess that would be it. I still get a kick out of messing up a flip trick on flat ground, grinding my teeth and screaming…”ALMOST”!

This board also comes with a matching scarf and tea cosy (beanie), it’s a winter deck after all and believe you me, the core is yet to hit British shores.

Live FAST, Ride Fast.

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