Barletta’s Moves

Louie Barletta – Laser Flip / Fakie Airwalk c/o Slap magazine Ph. Mark Whiteley
Jason Cooper – Nollie FS boardslide to fakie.
Chey Ataria – BS nollie heelflip.
Yann Garin – BS nosegrind BS 360 out.
Eric Koston – Early grab BS lipslide.
Will Harmon – FS flip.
Chris Troy – Fakie bigspin boardslide 270 out.

Top 5 warning signs:

1. Don’t rape one trick
2. Avoid multiple company tattoos
3. Don’t vent your anger on the kids
4. Skate shoots over fashion shoots
5. Don’t sleep with another skater’s partner

Pic of the week:

Indian Summer in Brighton. Jason Lunstone from Chilled Heat catches Finn Casey leap whilst legend Justin ‘Pastey’ Ashby rejoices.