Brandon Westgate – Interview

This year brought changes to Brandon Westgate‘s life that many people could see from a distance. His switch from Birdhouse Skateboards alongside Aaron Suski and Anthony Shetler to Zoo York happened quickly just before the summer kicked in taking the 17 year olds signature back to the East Coast.

Since he started skating in the year 2000, Westgate has attracted the attention of Emerica Shoes, Venture Trucks, Volcom Clothing, Swiss Bearings and Hubba Wheels to back his aim to become a pro skater.

Ralph Lloyd Davis caught up with Brandon just after his switch to Zoo York where he is currently working on footage for their new promo.

Image courtesy of Sean Cronan.

How’s life treating you?

Couldn’t be better

You’re starting to travel around a fair bit, is that fun or scary?

It’s great seeing all these new places meeting all new people, great experience….

What was Greece like (with Emerica)? Was it real hectic skating that ledge/gap spot at the Turkish port?

Greece was really interesting I had a lot of fun and that spot was crazy there was so many people watching!

What do you miss about the East Coast?

Everything it’s the best place

What don’t you miss about it?

The winter can be harsh but what don’t kill you makes you stronger

Who introduced you to skating?

My friend Andy Dick

Did you just go with the flow, or did someone scout you out for sponsorship?

My friend Anthony Shetler hooked me up with 5boro

Was it tough being the little kid at 5Boro?

Yeah, but they’re all the best people.

Why are the up-coming amateurs learning so fast?

I have know idea..

If a pro model offer appeared in the next year, would you take it?

I don’t know, probably not, I haven’t payed all my dues.

Is there beef between 5Boro and Birdhouse?

I don’t know I’m now riding for Zoo York

Is it a conscious step to get so many ex-team riders on the same team again?

I like it, makes a good team enviornment.

Who’s gnarlier- Suski or Klein?

Suski for sure! what kind of question is that?!

What’s Tony Hawk like behind the scenes?

He’s a really rad guy.

What’s the strangest product someone has tried to get you to endorse? Do amateurs understand their strength in today’s marketplace i.e. as walking advertisements and future investments?

Red Bull. I don’t think these companies that aren’t skateboarding should even try to get involved.

What’s the best bit of advice anyone gave you in this game?

Make sure you’re still having fun..

What advice would you give an upcoming amateur whose phone has just started to ring with sponsorship offers at the other end?

Good luck!

Someone mentioned you’ve got huge hands – Ever think of a career in boxing?

Nah, my hands are tiny..

What’s the furthest extreme you’ve gone to skate?

Probably skipping school for a month with my friend, where we stayed in Boston with these filmer while the cops and shit was looking for us..

If you had to sell yourself, what would your sales pitch be?

I wouldn’t sell my self that’s stupid..

If you had to attend a speed dating night, what would you list as your attributes? What would you be looking for in the other person?

I wouldn’t have any attributes and I would be looking for anything apparently, I’d be pretty desprite to go to one of those..

How did it feel to win the Brooklyn Banks comp? What did you do with the $1000? Anyone try to leech you or rob you afterwards?

It felt really good to win and I put the money into my savings for college.

How important is education to you? What would you like to get a degree in?

Education is my life and I would like to get a Welder’s licence.

Best quote you ever heard?

When it rains it pours..

Did you ever meet Harold Hunter whilst on the East Coast? Any stories?

Nah I’ve never met him though I’m sure he would be a fun dude to hang out with.

Have you got close and intimate with the Hubba girls? Do the girls get to pick who rides for the team?

Yeah all of them, we pick the girls!

Do you ride dirtbikes? You just got your license – What car do you want?

Yeah I ride dirtbikes they’re great. I want to drive an 18 wheeler across the country..

Which video part made you scream? Laugh? Cry?

Donny Barley – Eastern Exposure.

Top 5 bands?

I never listen to music doesn’t interest me.

Tell us something that nobody knows about you….

I’m married with four kids…

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Ralph Lloyd-Davis