Nottingham – Maple Street Pk

This new skate park was built at the back end of April 2006 in Nottingham at Forest Fields, kind of between Radford and St Anne’s (click here for a local map).

We had the pleasure of visiting this park for the MANRODEO annual weekender put together by the locals and peeps at In fact if you want to see some of the shots from the Sunday where people make the funniest hats ever and go skating, click here. It’s a treat!

Nottingham was desperately in need of a new skate park as the Arnold Bowl on the side of a hill in Notts is hardly what you would call world class, but fun though all the same.

Like every other City that decides to build a skate park though, this is yet another build that is situated right in the middle of a sketchy area, so if you are looking to buy some crack at the same time you will be chuffed! Within 5 minutes of being there a bottle was thrown at a car belonging to a skater by local chavs, saying that though, the rest of the afternoon was spotless.

This park is quite a fun little spot if you are looking for something fresh to skate. The locals there are easy going and don’t run with that “it’s our local park bullshit” some have acquired over the years, so always say hello if you are passing through.

The concrete mini ramp is quite fast and a good size with escalators included for your session. Heathen Skateboards rider Colin Adams (pic left) seemed to shred the coping faster than any other human being whilst we were there, seriously, it was fucking insane!

You will also see above that Icon Skateboards rider Ian Rees has his lines down in here as well with the most tweaked airs Notts has to offer. (pic above.)

The rest of the park, although small is great fun with a gapped driveway, ledges, a vert wall and a hubba that has tight vert trannies up the sides. All of this is crammed into one space making this park well worthy of a trip if you are passing through or need something fresh to session.

Alongside Heathen and Icon Skateboards, you will also find that Unabomber Skateboards is also run from Nottingham and the local skater owned shop (SOS) called Non Stop is based at 14 St James’ Street. Tel: 0115 953 1002. Get down there. – Zac