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Fresh Blood: Matthew ‘Nev’ Nevitt

November 30th, 2009 by Crossfire

Nev first appeared on the Manchester skate scene 8 years ago when he bought his first proper skateboard off us and set about being a super keen 12 year old Bones Bolton grommet. He ended up doing his work experience with us a few years later where in between learning to brew up and getting buried in rubbish he managed to sneak out with Joe and film a few tricks to ball bag what would appear in Workers and Lurkers. Joe was so impressed with young Nev that he decided to get a section of him for his next vid, Kipp It Off.

Joe went on to describe this time filming Nev as the worst 3 months of his life. It’s true that Nev can get a bit annoying. He goes from bouts of misery to getting all hyper, over excited and trying to wrestle. He seems to phone up for a chat just when you’re in the middle of doing something and he always takes over the shop computer to show us some crap comedy on Youtube. Having said that though we all love Nev.

While most skaters around here of his generation are all concerned about being in team drink this or team drugs that, Nev stands alone as a true individual. He is one those genuinely good, caring people that would do anything to help anyone. He’s really into his music, art and design and he is a complete skateboard nerd. His skating is solid, smooth and stylish and we are very proud that he’s on NOTE.


Above: Kickflip at Aldgate 9, London. Photo Chris Johnson.

Full Name: Matthew Nevitt.
Age: 19.
Sponsors: Note Skateshop, Science Skateboards, Vans Footwear.
Hometown: Salford, Greater Manchester.
Skating since: Unsure, it’s about 8 years.
Favourite tricks: Just being able to cruise is the best.
Favourite spots/terrain: Street skating, Spinningfields ledges.
Inspired by: At the moment, Pappalardo.
Hates: Too many of them.
Loves: My guitar.
Can’t live without: Music.
Skate video: Stu Bentley’s ‘Leisure’ or Habitat’s ‘Mosiac’.
Fave sesh with who and where: A Manhead mini ramp session is always good, he always teaches me something he finds easy.
Music to die to: Anything by Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith, The Beatles.
Ultimate aim in life: I’m still young but I wanna live in NY for a while and maybe just maybe once my foot gets better finish a short part for Pusher Man.(below)

Check out Sean Lomax’s Pump Cage edit of Nev and the trailer for the highly anticipated Pusher Man by Sean and Joe Gavin below:


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