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Bad for Lazarus

Bad for Lazarus
Old Rats on a New Ship
(Shit Chic Recordings)

Flailing limbs, orbiting guitars, buckling microphone stands, sweat-sodden shirts and ripped up skinny jeans. Hardcore, doo-wop, psychobilly, surf punk, grunge and metal. Comedy, melody, energy, vision and visceral passion… Rough around the edges but bursting with ideas, Bad for Lazarus are Crossfire’s newest and most exciting musical discovery.

Steadily building a reputation for their raw energy and straight up balls-out punk rock, we urge you to check them out ASAP. There are few bands out there right now who can compete with the young Brighton quartet’s testosterone, cider and nicotine drenched stage shows, not to mention their punchy, to-the-point pop outbursts.

It’s early days with this, Old Rats on a New Ship, being their first ever single release and whilst it doesn’t quite capture the fever pitched mayhem and unpredictability that we love about their gigs, it certainly marks them as an act to keep an eye out for.

Trotty P.

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