Fresh Blood – Mark Radden

Portrait: Chris Johnson
Skate Photos: Rob Galpin

Full Name: Mark “RADMAN” Radden

Age: 19 years so far

Sponsors: Motel 6 Skateshop / Death Flow

Hometown: Waltham Cross

Skating since: Since my first year of Secondary School so about 7 years I think

Favorite tricks: Blunts on ramp and Sugar Canes, and the trusty Tre Flip!

Favorite spots: My favourite street spot to skate is probably the ledges at Elephant and Castle, parkwise, it’s got to be H-Town (Harlow)

Inspired by: Reynolds the ‘BOSS’, and hopefully one day landing a switch heel like Antwuan, the ‘BOSS ‘no.2

Hates: The forever rising price of petrol and alchohol. Parking tickets which I currently have two of and Hard-ash

Loves: Skateboarding and Honda Civic coupes

Can’t live without: My car, my CD’s that Jake Shunt makes me, long skin

Skate video: Fish, Deez Nuts, Better Than Life, Baker has a Deathwish

Fave sesh: Having a session with the homeslices at the local, late night evenin’ style. Harry Hughes, Sizla Sam, Jake Shunt, D Webb, Nicolson and everyone else in the area

Music to die to: Jewelz Santana Killah!

Ultimate aim in life: To not miss a thing, Bun the pengest, Drive the fastest and Shred the Gnarest. You only live once!

Below: Backside Noseblunt Slide and waist high Noseslide. – CJ

Nick Zorlac on Radman

Radman is on a mission! Originating from Waltham Cross, he heavily localizes Harlow Skatepark, but has a burning desire to travel and skate anything and everything. Don’t be surprised when he shows up in your town and shows your spots some mind melting stunts. Learning seriously difficult tricks pretty much every time he skates, trying to stick them no matter what and taking some hard to watch slams in the process, then getting the trick on lock like they are nothing! When I flow Death decks to Mark via Motel 6 Skateshop, I know they’re gonna get a right pounding, this I like.

Working really hard in the opticians all week drives him want to skate even harder every single evening and at the weekend (well actually a black Honda Civic that some people are scared to get in drives him to skate). No one is gonna stop this young guns’ crusade to get Radman! Lock up your daughters, Radman is here and I predict will become a force to reckon with.