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Transworld – Time to Shine

Transworld have been dropping top quality skate videos for quite a while now, so if you aren’t aware of the high standards the staff filmers put upon themselves then Time to Shine would be a good place to start.

As per usual, Transworld also like to make sure they’ve got all the bases covered with a little revelation thrown in when they choose the line-up for each new video. The cast for Time to shine reads as follows:

Cooper Wilt, Chris Roberts, Ronson Lambert, Chad Tim Tim, Dylan Reider, and Jereme Rogers, Paul Rodriguez and Mike Taylor sharing a part for kicks. Stick Jason Hernandez and Jon Holland behind the lens of their digital, 16mm and 35 mm cameras and you’ve got something good.

From the get go, and throughout, Time to shine feels like a follow on from First Love, Transworld’s previous DVD. Some of you might feel this shows a lack in originality, and even a little sickeningly sweet thematic as skaters pour out their hearts about how great it is to skate for a living, yet how hard it is to get the job done. This discourse has been done, re-done and done again, so lets hope the next Transworld opus offers a grittier edge to our culture.

Anyway, what really matters is the skating because if it doesn’t cut it, the motivation stays low and the rep turns sour. Time to shine needn’t worry about such scenarios because with the very creative skating and obscure spot selection that Cooper Wilt presents, many a young skater will never look at their surroundings in the same light again. I must say Cooper has really come through with something in this part, like an affirmative action that separates him from the chaff.

Next up is Chris Roberts who obviously learnt to skate with one truck and two wheels judging by his incredible balancing act. However, the lengthy nose grinds and fakie nose grinds, and the numerous rotations of Chris’s trademark 360 shove-its all come across as lacking in the originality department. Watch a previous Chris Roberts part, and you’ve probably seen two thirds of this section already…

After that slight dampening of stoke, let Ronson Lambert‘s modern street tech take you away. I’ve been hearing Ronson getting a rep, then a bad rep for such debatable criteria like wardrobe and style. I thing the critics have forgotten what progress looks like. Ronson seems to build his lines and combo tricks together like a tough level of Tetris. A few of his combos will have you on your ass, both metaphorically and literally.

Chad Tim Tim will gain much appreciation for sporting the brown cords and H&M jumper look, but peel away the lame opinions and you will see the genuine prowess this humble young man beholds. I’ve seen Chad put out several killer parts in the past, but these are often too soon forgotten because the rest of the feature was rank. Well, like the title suggests, hopefully this really is Chad’s moment of limelight because it’s about time people recognized the skills.

In order to cover each discipline in skateboarding (something that severely lacks in today’s video releases), Transworld hooked up Dylan Reider with a part for this video. Dylan is a happy-go-lucky all terrain vehicle. Of course this upstart handles the transition side of things and with smooth class I might add. But don’t label the kid just yet, because Dylan can throw a head high crail grab just as fast as he can switch backside flip a ten stair in a line. Buy stocks and shares in this kid because he is destined for great things. We have seen him skate in the flesh over the last 4 years and he is one hell of a talent, and remember, the best skaters skate everything.

Three skaters that have already established themselves are the trio Paul Rodriguez, Jereme Rogers and Mike Taylor. Why these three put forward a part for this Transworld video, I have no idea, but I guess it’s always good to get some mainstream coverage out there for the sponsors, eh? I know Jereme can kill anything be it rails, ledges, stairs or simple flat ground, but that doesn’t make his skating look good. Mike Taylor takes the simpler route of smooth skating and solid tricks. Then there’s Paul Rodriguez. Paul generates a lot of hate because he really is gifted with his skateboard. This section could have/should have been his alone with a trick each from the other two because single-handedly Paul is putting incredible pressure on the game with his skills. I’d like to see more transition skating from the “P-Rodigal son”, but I guess picture perfect switch flip backside tailslide switch flips out will have to do for now.

Finally, it isn’t a Transworld video if there aren’t two or three masterfully put together montages of the global skate community. Barcelona and Australia roadtrip footage blends in with Danny Gonzales‘ mental roof ride deep in the Los Angeles sewers somewhere, and who said the chain was over? Chris Dobstaff pushes the envelope and proves that no spot is officially shut down- at least until someone tops his move*.

And there you have it- Yet another fine offering from the Transworld camp. With the next video due in about 6 months, you really have to take your cap off to Jason Hernandez and Jon Holland for their hard work and initiative to release hit after hit.


In a hurry & Psychadelic Sambai- Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra
Introducing, the conspirator Mishaps happening- Quantic
Cherry red- The groundhogs
No sugar tonight/ new mother nature- The guess who
Huddle formation- The Go! Team
White unicorn- Wolfmother
Keep on- Braille
Mattie’s rags- Gerry Rafferty
Can you feel the wind- Mt. Egypt

* I know you’re desperate to find out, so here’s your spoiler: Chris Benihana nose bonks the chain link! Gosh! … Just kidding- He cabellariel heel flips into the bank over the chain! Double gosh!