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The Steal

The Steal
(Gravity Dip)

They ain’t called The Steal for nothing! Having formed in Kingston in October 2005, this melodic hardcore lovin’ quartet got together to have fun and pay tribute to the classic eighties punk rock they were brought up on.

We’re talking the classic shit here folks; 7-Seconds, Gorilla Biscuits, CIV – all the good stuff before emo took over and everyone’s fringes were blow-dried sideways and the fashion police moved in on the scene.

The Steal may be thieves but the source they’re taking from is as fresh and inspiring as the day it was created. And although their influences shine through this debut album as clear as the day, every song is littered with killer hooks and riffs and songs that will stick in your head like glue.

This is quality punk rock. Put down that fucking hair dryer and let’s walk together and rock together.