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Damn! I only just reviewed Are you alright?, and already video No.16 has dropped: Subtleties. This month’s DVD highlights Pat Duffy ( I told you we’d be hearing more from him…), Brandon Biebel, Kyle Leeper and Stefan Janoski. There are also guest skaters involved, so you’ll spot the likes of Brian Wenning, Paul Rodriguez, Tim O’Connor and others in the mix. Let’s set this out in order, so first up to bat is Pat. Pat is a machine! He took MVP in the last TWS DVD, and he don’t slow down in this one either. High tailslides, slicing tre-flips and a gargantuan gap next to Hubba Hideout are all ingredients that spell out the unspoken truth of Pat’s board control. Even a bit of the footage is dated, it don’t matter because you know no news means good news. Pat is still on top of his game. Where there is game, there is Biebel. The Girl pro shares his part with Wenning, so street technicians will be stoked. There is plenty of manual madness going down at the Pier here including switch frontside heelflip manuals backside out, and the critically acclaimed half-cab heelflip nose manual- backside nollie heelflip out. That’s hard, trust me!

The next boarder to show off his skills is Expedition One’s Kyle Leeper. Judging by my cohorts reactions, this kid is about to blow if he hasn’t already. Let’s say that this kid sees every spot a little differently than the next man, so don’t be shocked if you see backside lipslides to firecracker down 5 stairs, or sessions breaking out on the wrong side of ledges. Is this the future of skating once everything has been knobbed? Kyle also gets way tech. Here’s a little list to tease: Ollie over traqsh can to backside noseblunt slide, cabellarial to frontside bluntslide, backside nosebluntslide- frontside shove it revert out??? ‘Nuff said.

After that amazing part, TWS put us to rest with the very special switchstance skills of Habitat’s Stefan Janoski. This guy is seriously at ease on his deck. Switch flips, salad grinds, long 5-0s, everything is here and more. Basically I won’t spoil this part for you listing tricks. Check it out for yourself!

It looks like the hammers are getting more technoical and Johnnny Thunders can go packing. Subtleties is a lot more street orientated with little emphasis on the rails, and I think that if you reallt are a skater then you will appreciate this new DVD.Along with the 16mm footage, lovely montages and mandatory Expedition trip to the desert, TWS are good at what they do when it comes to video/DVD releases. I can’t wait till next month!