DVD Reviews

Real – Life And Times

Straight off the bat, this DVD shouldn’t cost you more than a few quid- in fact, you might even find it for free in some places, so that’s reason enough to get it. What is it? Real’s latest promo DVD Life and Times that, contrary to their previous opus Roll Forever, is a sort of documentary that follows the team through their day to day routines and travels.

Featured in this DVD are various riders on various missions be it a chilled session at the TF Dojo in Hunter’s Point, or a late night session at Jasin’s Ramp. It isn’t so much about the finished product, but more the route taken to get you al that sick footage you feast on. Add to this loads of bonuses that are filled with out-takes, footage from other trips and one of the gnarliest hill bombs in San Francisco by Damian Bravo who’s egged on by his Ernie Torres. It’s just a pity that the footage it out of focus at times. Oh well…

Now, the Real skaters are all about skateboarding. Their image is that of straight skateboarding and what they supply is skateboarding that makes you and me want to skate. No frills- just thrills. So, when Dennis Busenitz is micced up and sessioning an elevator ledge/loading bay and says in not so many words “To all you shit-talkers out there – We’re out here skating more than you whilst you just sit there talking shit on this video, so fuck you motherfuckers!” I guess that sets the standard, doesn’t it. Go Skate now! for all the trimmings

Ralph Lloyd-Davis