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Heavy Metal Thunder: Album Covers That Rocked the World

By James Sherry and Neil Aldis

Before the days of the internet, MP3 players and Theo Walcott, sleeves and artwork were as much a part of a record as the vinyl or CD lurking inside. You weren’t just paying for the tracks, you were paying for the product; a unique piece of music that offered so much more than the double-click experience so many of today’s youth are, and will continue to be accustomed to.

Thank the dark lord himself, then, for ‘Heavy Metal Thunder‘. Written by seasoned music scribblers James Sherry and Neil Aldis, it’s an enthralling and undeniably nostalgic look back at some of the greatest, shittest, and most utterly inexplicable covers ever to grace the shelves. Sabbath or Slipknot, Kyuss or Korn, Dio or Disturbed, it matters not. It’s all here inside over 250 pages of high quality colour photos, peppered with side-splitting editorial commentary and a genuine love for all things heavy.

Throw in a foreword courtesy of Anthrax axe-master Scott Ian and the result is a book more than worthy of selling your soul to Satan for. Or at least forking out the devilishly bargainous sum of £9.99 – click here to get one.

Ryan Bird